Data Science

Big Data Science determines the accuracy of the predictions you can make by analyzing your data, and greater accuracy means greater ROI. Graph Arc solutions are packed with experience using data science to grow revenues for our customers. Quite simply, no other vendor on the market can do what we can do.

- Clearly understand which accounts should be paying more for the products they are already buying and how much they are willing to pay.
- Find the customers that should be buying greater quantities.
- Determine which customers should be buying other products in addition to those already purchased.
- Focus on the accounts in each territory that will have the greatest overall impact on their target this year.
- Know which customers are attrition risks before they leave.
- Arm your reps with the right offers to increase the winning percentages in current opportunities.
- Avoid over-discounting, long negotiations and deals that get pushed into next year.

- Earlier identification of risks and other critical factors.
- Multiple data sources with social parameters and a machine learning approach to accurately predict conversion rates.
- Delivering big returns in every aspect of the enterprise.
- Helping companies become more efficient, profitable, and closer to their customers.
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